How does Agilitas work? Conceived by Parkinson’s disease specialist and neuropsychiatrist Dr Rodney Marsh, Agilitas continuously monitors your walking motion with its inbuilt motion sensor and intelligent software. It automatically detects a freezing episode and shines a bright red laser light on the ground in front of the person to act as a visual cue.
Who can use Agilitas? Agilitas may be useful for people experiencing symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. This includes hesitation when starting or stopping; navigating around corners; walking through hallways or doorways; freeze-of gait (FOG); when encountering obstacles (such as furniture and steps) or step shortening.
What is cueing? Cueing is a visual, audible or tactile signal used as a prompt or instruction, for example, to lift a leg and take a step. Studies have shown visual cueing is highly effective in assisting a person, who has difficulty walking, to take new steps.
Why does a visual cue work? For people experiencing symptoms of walking difficulty, visual cueing in the form of an object or projected light on the ground in front of them can assist their mobility.
During a freeze of gait episode, the neural pathway to instruct your body “to walk” is obstructed.
When the person sees a visual cue, it activates the visual sensory receptors in the brain.
By interpreting the visual signal as an instruction to “step over” or “step on” the visual cue, rather than “to walk”, the neural path is altered and there is a high possibility that a person can successfully “step over” or “step on” – which to all effects and purposes, is to continue walking.
This is quite a remarkable phenomenon that is not very well understood. However, our trials in Brisbane, Australia, have shown that visual cueing is highly effective in enabling people to “walk” smoothly.
The visual cue is how Agilitas can potentially allow you to walk with confidence!
My Agilitas is not turning on. What do I do? The Agilitas 2 Sensitivity Setting can be changed on your Agilitas. Refer to the User Manual or Contact Us for further assistance. There is a video that also explains the procedure. CLICK HERE THE WATCH VIDEO
How do I recharge Agilitas?

Agilitas is recharged via a USB cable to the supplied wall plug, just like a smartphone or MP3 player. Use the charging cable provided with Agilitas. Typical charge time is 4-5 hours.

Refer to the User Manual for details. There is also a video showing the charging procedure. CLICK HERE THE WATCH VIDEO

How do I care for Agilitas? Treat your Agilitas as you would any other electronic device e.g. mobile or cell phone. Avoid placing it in excessively hot or humid areas and keep it dry and clean. Agilitas contains small parts and it is recommended that it be kept out of reach of children. Do not attempt case repairs with “Super Glue”.
Will Agilitas be safe going through airport x-rays? Yes, it contains similar components to a mobile or cell phone.
Does Agilitas use a battery?

Yes, Agilitas has a rechargeable battery that does not need replacing. Agilitas can be used for over  24 hours of normal operation (automatic mode), depending on the frequency of use, before needing a recharge. Agilitas will need to be recharged after 18 hours if the laser light is left on continuously (manual mode). The Agilitas indicator light will change from green to orange when battery power is running low.

Who do I contact for repairs to my Agilitas? Contact Bright Devices
How does Agilitas differ from existing products? Agilitas, like many existing products including walking canes and wheelchairs, provides everyday mobility assistance. What different Agilitas is its fully automatic operation, and that it is far more compact and subtle than the alternatives.
Is the laser safe? Agilitas uses a 635 nm, <1mW (Class 2) visible-light laser which will not cause laser damage if used according to the Agilitas manual. Agilitas is fitted with a sensor that detects when the angle of the laser goes past horizontal and it shuts the laser off. However, staring at the laser beam is not recommended, and Agilitas should be kept out of reach of children.
What is the cane adapter?____________________________ The cane adapter gives the user the ability to mount the Agilitas to a walker or walking stick. Cane Adapter