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Agilitas represents a new, technologically advanced aid for freezing of gait, associated primarily with Parkinson’s Disease. The device automatically shines a red laser dot onto the ground when a person freezes, which provides a visual cue to break the freeze and allows the person to keep walking.

It can restore freedom of movement, independence and quality of life.

Bringing Some Stability To Your Life

What is cueing

Cueing is a visual, audible or tactile signal used as a prompt or instruction, for example, to lift a leg and take a step. Studies have shown visual cueing is highly effective in assisting a person, who has difficulty walking, to take new steps.

Does a visual cue work?

When experiencing walking difficulty the neural pathway to instruct the body “to walk” is obstructed. A visual cue activates the visual sensory receptors in the brain. This uses a different neural path and the person can “step over” or “step on” the visual cue – which to all effects and purposes, is to continue walking.

How does Agilitas work?

Conceived by Parkinson’s disease specialist and neuropsychiatric Dr Rodney Marsh, Agilitas continuously monitors the users walking motion with its inbuilt motion sensor and intelligent software. It automatically detects a freezing episode and shines a bright red laser light on the ground in front of the person to act as a visual cue.

Who can use Agilitas?

Agilitas may provide assistance to anyone who experiences difficulty walking. Agilitas may be useful for people experiencing symptoms of Parkinson's Disease. This includes: hesitation when starting or stopping; navigating around corners; walking through hallways or doorways; freeze of gait (FOG) when encountering obstacles (such as furniture and steps); or step shortening.

Walk With Confidence

Agilitas II Retail AUD $957

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Agilitas II Cueing Device

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Dr Rodney Marsh

“Freezing of gait is difficult to treat and can affect up to half of people with Parkinson’s Disease. Unfortunately, often medications don’t work very well. Until now, we have had very little to offer for this very serious problem. Agilitas represents a revolutionary approach to the treatment of freezing of gait. It harnesses sophisticated 21st century technology to create a discreet, powerful, yet elegantly simple solution. Agilitas promises to improve the quality of life of countless patients with Parkinson’s Disease.”

Max Walker

“I had my first freeze before I even knew I had Parkinson’s disease. Freezing made me feel like I was super-glued to the floor. I once froze so badly it took me over an hour and half to make my way from the television to my bed to lie down. Since using Agilitas I am now able to move slowly, without freezing. I also rely on my Agilitas device outside of the home. It helps me move slowly through the supermarket, with a trolley, to do my shopping. I believe having the device has saved me from falling on at least three or four occasions. I’m now getting a bit of confidence with the Agilitas and truly wouldn’t be without it.”

Clark Hoey

“I first started using my Agilitas device more than 12 months ago to help me manage freezing episodes I experience as a result of Parkinson’s Disease. It is perfect in tight places and in areas with lots of people, like shopping centres. Where there are groups of people, I use Agilitas to redirect myself and prevent myself from freezing. The biggest thing for me is it allows me to unfreeze. The device senses if I freeze and assists me to move on.”

Tess Diamond

“I have used the Agilitas Device, mostly when I go out, for about a year. The Agilitas device definitely helps me to overcome freezing episodes and to walk independently.”

Nadia Cheng

“I have only been using the Agilitas for a short time, but I have immediately found it to be very good. I can experience freezing when I try to start moving, or try to turn. I use Agilitas around my home and am starting to try it when I am out. I leave my Agilitas device on all the time. When I feel I am going to freeze I look down for the laser light and I can continue walking.”

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