Agilitas is brought to you by Bright Devices, an Australian technology company formed to improve the quality of life for people with movement disorders.

Bright Devices’ key focus is to reduce the social impact of neurologically-based movement disorders by marketing the best in treatment technology. Its products are the result of considerable research and development conducted over many years and designed to bring novel solutions to everyday problems using the latest technology.

Agilitas is the result of five years’ research and development. Parkinson’s disease specialist and neuropsychiatrist Dr Rodney Marsh created the concept for an automatic device to prevent freezing of gait, and Agilitas was then developed by Engineering New Product Design and Development Consultancy e3k.

Agilitas is a registered trademark of Bright Devices Group Pty Ltd.

Australian Patent Number 2012267220.

US Patent Number 10,251,611.

Agilitas is a smart device which will revolutionise the world of people suffering from freeze of gait and other symptoms of mobility impairment associated with Parkinson’s Disease.